October 4, 2022

Anshuman'n Numerology

Anshuman'n Numerology

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Lal Badshah Says…

A man who is present in this world wholeheartedly with his presence, this will be his happiest movement or you can say the luckiest movement of that person on the Earth . But according to the nature’s law present never remains present, it always changes to past and become the base for the future . It is easy to say in this manner but is really very difficult to be in such a state of presence. Most certain in life is uncertainty. So, it becomes very important to access future and to fix it right now . If we perform better in present , we will get tremendous result for the best of future, to make our past glorious. This is what astrology offers you ! By a certain way of study about Planets , stars and their movement , Astrologers guess and predict about probable happenings with you and the way by which you can improve your future.

 What is Numerology?

Several great Astrologers worked on different fields of Astrology , one of which is Numerology; a source by which you can predict about someone’s future . Numerology is a calculation based on numbers , solved in numerical system , to predict making ease of life , on own finger tips. Almost all numerological predictions either in yes or no , success or failure , happiness or sorrow requires very short time and a little effort. This is the importance and the success way of numerology in life.

Why Numerology?

Numerology is always new born , as it relates to present . There is always a scope for developing and making applications subjected to numerology with relative present. Making comfort to each and everyone too personally is always very sensitive. That’s why in absence of pre-information about numerology , it is blamed to be less efficient and accurate over other methods of Astrology. 

 Anshuman’s numerology works here , As your name makes you individual corresponding to your date of birth. Hence the predictions are especially categorized. Hopeful possibilities value a lot , rather than hurdles for a person on this Earth. Predictions can always be of just two words like luckiest day , happiest day or a successful day. One of these word could make your day . Anshuman’s numerology confirms it. The phenomenon is old as given by the old masters. World known Cheiro’s Numerology by William John Warner popularly known as Cheiro. When he was a teenager he traveled to India and studied Hindu mythological books about Astrology, especially Palmistry. After returning to London, he became popular as a palmist. On the basis of phenomenon , methods and predictions , numerology is a great method of their own . It has no replacement ! By simple counting numbers for name and date of birth, any literate person can calculate and predict for their own future. Its great !

 Anshuman’s Numerology was recognized at the starting of twenty first century in 2003 through the first published, an evergreen popular book “Anshuman krit Prem ,Ank our Vivah “, Love ,Number and Marriage . As the name reflects this book offers you a vision through which you can judge your relation with your partner, family-n-friends, co-workers or loved ones. It let you to know results all about relations. An exclusive addition to this book is the Anshuman Talika or Anshuman’s Table that empowers you to check for ups and downs in your relations, and especially for Marriages . It facilities you to judge your relation with anyone whom you know by name and date of birth. One line to say about this book is enough that “Keep it very carefully or it will be stolen “. This is enough to tell about its popularity. 

 The purpose of writing this book since two decades back was to provide a workbook for young people, who are weaving their dreams of love and golden future. “God helps those who help themselves.” With the ease and grace of numerology any literate person can help themselves a lot. A lot means a lot . Believe me I mean it ! “Anshuman krit Prem, Ank aur Vivah “Love, Number and Marriage is a real wonder book in the history of Numerology. This is the success history of Anshuman’s Numerology. In short it’s individually for you !


Many great books on Astrology are written through centuries like Bhrigu Sanhita . It is written by Maharshi Bhrigu , one of the Saptrishi of Vedic period. The Bhrigu Sanhita claims to contain predictions about current and future lives as well as information about past lives. Another historical book is The Ravan Sanhita written by Ravana , the devil . He was a great scholar in many fields such as Astrology and Cosmic Science too . These are few great examples about ancient knowledge of the Great Hindus.

 And among all these , LAL KITAB is the latest popular book in the Astrological series. It is not just a book ; a magical and mysterious one ! It predicts about everyone’s life from birth till death . LAL KITAB consists the greatness of Cosmic Science , Astrology , Samudrik Shastra, Palmistry, Stone and colour therapy, Vastushastra ,Sociology and many more.

For the first time in history of Astrology LAL KITAB introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies known as LAL KITAB remedies. LAL KITAB is a world famous book of Telesman known as “LAL KITAB KE TOTKE”. The author of this book is not known. I can say him as ” King of Astrologers”. Even though he has given clues to him, it’s not possible to guess that. This book was probably written between late 19th to 20th century. Can’t say what happened with the author or what were the circumstances in history that he didn’t disclosed his name. It’s a historical book of a historical writer ! What worse happened with the Astrologer,no one could say. It’s extremely hopeless that this great book doesn’t have any author’s name.The name of LAL KITAB definitely belongs to the mysterious Author and LAL BADSHAH is just, Anshuman’s tribute through numerology to the great anonymous author of “LAL KITAB”.

About Website:

We are launching this site with some interesting features like Daily Forecast Free and world famous questionnaire, “Falnaama Luqmaani” that was made by Hakim Luqmaan born in Nubia around 1100 BC . He had divine powers to understand the inner meaning of things beyond physical realities. He created this questionnaire to make instant relief to the people by answering about their queries . Here through this website it is our another step to serve the holy intentions, to help people globally. This is our commitment through Anshuman’n Numerology.