October 3, 2022

Anshuman'n Numerology

Anshuman'n Numerology

True Love – SAT KAAM

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Satyakam Jabala

” Pothi padh padh jag mua, pandit bhaya na koy,

Dhai aakhar prem ka , padhe so pandit hoy… “

kabir das
Kabir Das

All died reading books. But no one become knowledgeable. The person who read two and a half letters of Prem became knowledgeable.

It is a illusion to think that a woman or man loves me. The nature of man and woman is duality, which is a cyclic complement system. In fact, The development of two different forms of the same, hides one form within itself. There is a man or woman hidden inside every woman or man, which is what we find in the outer world. Mainly the responsibility of creation relates to woman and security to man is conferred by nature. Both of them jointly nurture. The woman is the first authority to choose. Femininity of woman, and masculinity of man this is the basic difference that attracts each other, to be one again. In this way, the continuous movement of the cycle of creation keeps on recurring.

Sat Kaam

” Chalti chaki dekh kar, diya kabira roy,

Dui patan ke beech me, sabut bacha na koy… “

– Kabir Das

The principle of dvait and advait , embodied in the cyclic system of life, is displayed. The basic differences of the two – that is, they come from a different path, meet at one place , become one, and then go on their own path. Its own path is the path of enlightenment! ” Marriages are made in heaven “. Two worthy, ie couples dedicated to each other from the same level – male and female , become one ‘Ardhanarishvar’ and by crossing the Bhavsagar, are obtained to God , the ultimate abode. This is true love. True love rises above all virtues and grounds and transcends all obstacles beyond all differences and achieves its goal.

“Rahiman dhaga prem ka, mat toro chatkay,

Toote pe phir na jure, jure gath par jay… “

– Rahim Das

Cyclic continuous mobility is the only criterion of true love and only granting love is accountability .

Jabal Upnishad

“Kastoori kundal basay, mrig dhoondhe van maahi,

Aise ghat ghat raam hain,duniya dekhe naahi… “

– Kabir Das

Just as Brahm is involved in every creation of the world, but everyone can’t recognize . This is the secret – what we seek from outside, we find. Ultimately it is within ourselves to get it.

” Laali mere lal ki, jit dekhu tit lal,

Laali dekhan main gaee, main bhee ho gai laal…”

– Kabir Das

In short “Treat everyone in a cordial manner, who knows whether any of them may be your own .” This is all from love to Ecstasy ie. SAT KAAM.


To Be Continued …

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