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September 19, 2021

Anshuman'n Numerology

Anshuman'n Numerology

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Anshuman'n Numerology Forecast Generator

Anshuman'n Numerology Forecast Calculator

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Best Astrology Website with Free Top Astrology Predictions online.Here is our first ever numerological app named as Anshuman’n Numerology Forecast Calculator, developed by Aryama Srivastav. Our aim to develop this app was to Facilitate our visitors with easy and quick ” today’s predictions”. All you need is to fill your Date of Birth in the D.O.B. section and then push the button .

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Our Expertise

In this segment, we offer three types of services – career suggestion, lucky gems and Saral Vastu Gyan. We study the position and movements of the planets in the Kundali Chakra. We establish past, present and future story ,to get the resultant by calculating the power of planets and their effect.That is the theory of single stone therapy or lucky gem, which work throughout the life, once in lifetime. In the same manner, we predict about career and its suggestions. Consisting of two points first for the main and second for another supporting fields, obviously once in lifetime.

Vastu Shastra, the age-old genre of knowledge about nature and matter, is a precious heritage of our culture. It’s not just a set of fixed rules, but it resolves our problems. Vastu Shastra provides peace and prosperity to human civilization. We offer our services suggestions (vastu tips) about town planning, the house and building map. We suggest vastu mapping (engineering drawings) and predictions about proposed land for construction.

Falnaama Luqmaani Be Concentrate with your question on right hand middle finger and move over the desired card. You will get your answer.
Falnama Luqmani

Another exclusive app is Falnama Luqmani by Hakeem Luqman. He created this questionnaire to make instant relief to the people by answering about their queries. For convenience, we created a easy-to-use web app. This is our another step to serve the holy intentions, to help people globally.

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